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This World Of Ours

A Collection of Stories and Facts Detailing The World Around Us by Lionel Showa Ph.D.

An Introduction

The Races Of Our Fair World

The Land We Live In: Locations Of Our Fair World

The Countryside of Carmine

  • Sandpoint
  • Virtrosia

The Alysian Desert

The Dark Continent

The Stories of Our World- Events and Legends

  • Asteltarianism: The Book of Astley
  • The Coven of The Spider – Kumogorath
  • The Formation of the Dark Continent and The Fall Of The Elven Empire
  • The Great Human Conquest
  • The Red Strife
  • The 12 Keys To The Kingdom – A Fable

Appendix: Actual Game Type Meta Things Certainly Not Written By A Man Found Within The World

Main Page

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