The History Of The Red Strife
by Lionel Showa, Royal Historian

A civil war has broken out in one of the major continents, land of Carmine.

The reasoning behind the war was long forgotten, or rather forgotten conveniently given the war is only two years old. What started as a dispute between two nobles eventually grew into violence which eventually grew further into wondering why the common man was rushing to death for the sake of two pompous, spoiled men’s egos. Eventually, one side’s army rose up and slit the throat of their ‘leader’ on the battle field and everything exploded into open warfare.

The remaining nobleman, Ser Tarkus of Emerson, seized the opportunity. Taking what men were still loyal to him and bolstering his forces, he very quickly present himself as the voice of the people. The man declares that, in order to truly be free, the people had to tear not at the shackles that held them, but the institution that placed them there. In order for the people to be in control of their own destiny, they had to depose tyrants and forge their own path.

It was a load of nonsense, of course, but shit sprayed with some good smelling perfume can sometimes smell sweet. Despite all common sense, the nobleman who had picked men to die for his ego had taken hold of these men and formed a small empire. They eventually built up defenses, took control of an abandoned dwarven arms fortress, and stated their intent:

“The men of Carmine will fight those who would wish to control us. Those who dare challenge the might of the common man will find themselves fertilizing the land these men use to grow crops.”

Naturally, those in charge felt Ser Tarkus head had grown too fat and ordered he be seized. They were not, however, expecting those around him to be as loyal as they turned out to be. Bribery failed. Assassinations were thwarted. The only option was to engage on the battlefield, but Tarkus was well supplied. Militias flocked to him. Iron workers sent their goods. The Royal Army of Carmine found itself quickly starved as the charismatic leader continued to bring people towards his cult of personality.

This is where the influx of mercenary companies began to appear in the country. With the men leaving the employ of the kingdom out of hesitation to fight their brothers in face of Tarkus’ rebellion, the military found itself needing to be bolstered by sellswords. Not only that, but soldiers from Halcyon and Beyrl, Carmine’s known rivals, joined the kingdom to help put down the rebellion, though for what costs remains unknown at this moment.

A boom in the economy followed, with the production of new weapons and the need for increases in production of food and shelter for troops. Mages trained for combat have been spotted graduating from local Magic Academies as a result too, to protect against the inherent dangers of other magic users.

The war’s anniversary is right around the corner, and with it we watch to see what may play out in the coming months.

No Soul Stirring Melodies

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